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Thermalframe key features built for performance



Standard for most Thermalframe product lines, ensuring higher security, superior weather performance and better sound insulation by keeping opening sashes extra tight. An innovative tiered latching design on awning and casement windows mean they can rest slightly ajar whilst still remaining fully secure in the multi-locked position. This provides ventilation to enable moisture to escape and new airflow to circulate within the home.



Elegant sightlines are achieved by a combination of low level gaskets and chambered profiles, making it one of the most stylish systems available.



Thermalframe units are specifically designed for double and triple glazing. 24mm glass units with thermal spacer bars are filled with argon as standard for warm,  dry windows. Ability to house glass units up to 28mm wide allows for thicker glass combinations to improve acoustic performance or strength whilst not compromising on thermal efficiency.


Thermalframe PVCu is an excellent insulator of heat. Over 1000 times less conductive than aluminium, Thermalframe PVCu keeps the heat from escaping from your home whilst remaining condensation free.


Thermalframe windows feature a multi-chambered PVCu profile, increasing the honeycomb effect of the frame to further improve thermal efficiency. 


To ensure they are completely leak-proof. Neatly finished welds come as standard. Can be made available in a polished smooth finish for a superior aesthetic look.


Thermalframe seals are welded onto the frames and sashes and to each other in the corners providing a continuous weather seal. Eliminating air and water leakage results in a warmer, drier and quieter living environment


Imported corrosion resistant hardware is used to ensure continued functionality and optimum performance. Marine grade stainless steel hardware is incorporated on all awning and casement windows.


Feature comparison on typical double glazing options

ThermalframeAluminiumThermally-Broken AluminiumTimberRetrofitting
Non-conductive frame
Multi chambered insulated profile
24mm glass units as standard
Marine grade stainless steel as standard
Multi-point locking system as standard
Co-extruded seals
Fuse welded mitre corners

Material matters

Thermalframe PVCu is a calcium-based profile that is completely lead-free, fully recyclable and has added titanium dioxide to withstand New Zealand’s severe UV elements.


New Zealand compliance and standards

Thermalframe windows were tested to meet NZS4211:1985 in a Telarc registered laboratory and passed all the requirements of the NZ Standards. Additionally, Thermalframe windows are approved for installations in severe UV climates. 


Extensive product range

Thermalframe offers an extensive range of PVCu windows and doors. The system is versatile in design and adaptable to meet New Zealand’s diverse architectural styles. 

Handle options        Colour options        Bead options      Decorative options      Window systems      Door systems

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Handle options

The handles play an integral part of the windows and doors as the operation of them engages the multi-point locking systems.  A number of colour options are available.











Colour options

Presently, there are three colours available to select from including Warm White, Light Oak Woodgrain and Mahogany Woodgrain. The white colour is a virgin colour where there is no powdercoat, anodized or paint finish. The colour goes right through the profile.   The Woodgrain finishes are a UV stabilised foil that is fused onto the profile to give an earthy, textured look. Colour samples can be seen and collected from our showroom.

Warm White

Warm White

Light Oak

Light Oak




Window systems

Thermalframe offers an extensive range of PVCu windows and doors. The system is versatile in design and adaptable to meet New Zealand’s diverse architectural styles. 

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Awning windows are top hung where the window sash is hinged at the top and opens outward at the bottom. Marine grade stainless steel hinges and multi-point locking systems come as standard. The opening incorporates a tiered latching system, allowing the window to be left slightly ajar for ventilation whilst still remaining securely locked.


Casement windows are side hung where the window sash is opened horizontally from the hinge. This type of window allows for ventilation across the full length of the sash. Marine grade stainless steel multi-point locking systems are fitted vertically resulting in extremely weather-tight windows, even as tall as 1700mm. The opening incorporates a tiered latching system, allowing the window to be left slightly ajar for ventilation whilst still remaining securely locked.


Double-hung windows have two operating sashes that move up and down allowing for ventilation on top, bottom or both. Single-hung windows have only a lower operating sash for ventilation. Otherwise known as sash or vertical sliding windows, these windows are designed to compliment the original style and character of the dwelling with the advantages of a modern, low maintenance and weather-tight system. Thermalframe features advanced balance mechanisms for sliding ease, and sashes can tilt inwards for ease of cleaning. Optional detailing can include replica decorative horns.



Bay windows allow a variety of angled, box, bow and faceted design possibilities that offer a clean, classic style and allowing more natural light into the home. A combination of fixed and opening sashes can be incorporated, as well as Lead lighting and Georgian bead detailing options to further support a more traditional look. 


Tilt Turn windows offers an ingenious design that allows the sash to tilt at the top to provide optimum ventilation, and hinge inwards at the side for ease of cleaning or egress. A truly ‘European Window’.


The Slider or Glider window allows the opening sash to open over the fixed section in a sliding motion. Because there is no outward-opening sash, they are an excellent choice for rooms that face high traffic areas such as pathways or decks.  



Given the versatility of the system, Thermalframe can often accommodate specialty shapes and combinations. Contact us about your specific requirements. 


Door systems

Thermalframe offers an extensive range of PVCu windows and doors. The system is versatile in design and adaptable to meet New Zealand’s diverse architectural styles. 

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Solid in appearance with smart, clean lines. Thermalframe sliding doors incorporate stainless steel housed-wheels which glide smoothly over a stainless steel track to ensure continued functionality. Constructed in various sizes to suit with combinations of two, three and four panels available to suit any room.


Thermalframe French doors are designed to perform with style and beauty, with versatile design flexibility which cancompliment traditional or contemporary applications. Extra width can be made to units, with side panels that can be fixed panes oropening sashes. All doors feature a multi-point locking system that engage when the handle is levered in an upward motion. There is an option of a key-lock or thumb turn knob-lock to dead-bolt the door.


Thermalframe offer a range of custom made front and back doors. From simple glass and PVC panel designs which feature multi-point locking systems right through to coloured fibre glass or timber door options set into our frames.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and see our available designs.


Glass options

Thermalframe works closely with Metro Glass to provide total window and door solutions to our customers.  We partner with New Zealand's largest glass specialist to provide the best possible double glazing units. Our standard double glazing always features thermal spacer bars and argon gas. Our showroom has a range of different options on display.


Thermal Spacer bars

This is the bar that separates and seals the two panes of glass to form the double glazing.  A thermal spacer bar is always used for Thermalframe units instead of an aluminium spacer bar, resulting in less heat loss and improved sound performance at the glass edge. 


Argon is non-toxic, inert gas which improves the energy performance of the glass by making it harder for heat to transfer through from the outside to the inside pane over an air filled unit.

Low e glass

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of energy efficient double glazing incorporates Low emissivity (Low E) glass. A microscopically thin coating is applied to one of the glass surfaces to either keep maximum heat in or a combination of summer heat out and winter heat in. We strongly advice only premium grade Low E glass be incorporated.  Incorporating poor quality Low E glass types compromise on performance and clarity.

Laminated glass

Incorporates two layers of glass bonded together with a resin interlayer. This interlayer provides a number of benefits including safety, security, acoustic and UV resistance.

Tinted glass

Grey tint is the most common type with Bronze and Green tint also available.  Tinted glass is put on the exterior pane of a double glazed unit to provide protection from the sun as well as offering a degree of privacy. Tinted glass does reduce the light entering through the glass so care must be taken on selection. Viewing samples in our showroom is recommended.

Privacy glass

Frosted and decorative glass options are available in a few different designs. Viewing samples in our showroom is recommended.


 Please talk to us about your specific requirements. Thermalframe can provide almost any combination of double glazing that is achievable.  We can also discuss with you the option and merits of triple glazed windows.   

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