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Thermalframe founded under European Profile Company Ltd


Years of experience in PVCu manufacture and installation 


Of windows successfully installed in New Zealand homes 

Our Story

Thermalframe is a New Zealand owned family business that specialises in the manufacture and installation of PVCu windows, doors and double glazing. Founded as European Profile Company Ltd, in 2007 we changed our trading name to better reflect the vision and commitment we have to improving window performance for New Zealand home owners.

Only in recent years has New Zealand recognised the low standard of insulation in our housing that has significantly impacted our living comfort, warmth and well-being. Addressing the thermal performance of the building envelope has become a critical focus for both new and existing housing, given the recognition of how far behind we are in this field compared to the emphasis on thermal efficiency in Europe and North America. With up to 45% of a home's heat lost through the windows, improving the thermal performance of the joinery system is an important step in ensuring greater warmth is retained within the home.

In 1991 we saw the opportunity to source the best European PVCu window technology that ideally suited New Zealand weather conditions, building methods and architecture. Significant research went into ensuring we directly partnered with the best PVCu extruders in Europe whose product has, and continues to be, stringently performance tested both internationally and locally. 

Such as our commitment to quality and performance, Thermalframe has been sought after and successfully installed in many of the country's ski lodges as well as Scott Base in Antarctica. 

With over 28 years experience, we appreciate the importance of making the right decision for your home from an aesthetic, performance and investment perspective. To provide that reassurance, we would encourage you to come into our Showroom to see and test the Thermalframe difference for yourself. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific project requirements and provide recommendations as to your options for a warmer, drier, healthier home.

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Your home, your well-being

I can not begin to tell you how much warmer and more secure we feel.  I absolutely love the windows, definitely worth the wait!  I will certainly recommend Thermalframe to anybody who is contemplating double glazing in the future.

Christine ,Illam