Real warmth demands real double glazing.

Incorporating the best of European double glazing technology tested to withstand New Zealand conditions and compliment our architectural style.

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Exceptional Thermal Performance

Thermalframe is a specialised double-glazing window and door system that provides exceptional thermal properties. Optimising the best European profile and hardware systems available to achieve high R-Value's through the combination of the window system as a whole, rather than simply improving the glazing unit alone.

Given up to 45% of your homes heat is lost through the windows, creating a warm, dry, and comfortable home has immense benefits to your health and well-being.

Key Features:

  • Non-conductive, multi-chambered PVCu profile
  • Optimal 14-16mm air gap within the glazing chamber designed specifically to keep the inner glass pane comparatively warmer than the outer glass pane
  • Co-extruded seal system ensures air tightness
  • Stainless Steel Multi-point window locking systems holds sashes tight across the outer-frame, further sealing the unit
  • Argon gas and thermal space bards are included as standard within all double glazed units
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Combat Condensation

The thermal performance attributes with the Thermalframe system ensures the many issues of condensation is dramatically reduced. 

Condensation typically forms when moist air meets a surface cold enough to reach the 'dew point’. In many New Zealand homes, that cold surface is often window glass. Even when a home is being warmed inside, any single-glazed windows will remain at, or near the temperature outside. So as the temperature drops the likelihood of condensation increases.

Thermalframe double glazing units will significantly reduce condensation. With the 14-16mm optimum gap within the double glazed unit, the inside pane is ‘insulated’ from the outer pane by a non-conductive spacer and a sealed gap. To further improve thermal performance the sealed gap of every Thermalframe glazing unit is filled with argon gas. Optional top range low emissivity (low e) glass can be included on request further reduce the chance of condensation.

This said, addressing the glazing issue alone will not solve the condensation issue. The frames of the windows must also be non-conductive, immune to cold and moisture, which is where Thermalframe prevails over aluminium.

Key features:

  • Non-conductive, multi-chambered UPVC profile is immune to cold and moisture

  • Optimal 20mm air gap within the glazing chamber

  • Co-extruded seal system ensures air tightness

  • Multi-point window locking system pulls sash tight across the length of the outer-frame, further sealing the unit

  • Argon gas is included as standard within all double glazed units

Aesthetic appeal

Thermalframe windows and doors are all made to measure and are design flexible to ensure most configurations are achievable. For renovations, the character of older homes can remain intact as the Thermalframe profile greatly reflects the charm of the original timber joinery. We specialise in 'inserting' Thermalframe windows into existing timber surrounds, helping to keep the architectural integrity of the period design. For new contemporary homes, profiles are modern and the functionality superb.

Key features:

  • Beveled profile and elegant sightlines provide a similar profile proportion to timber
  • Availability of two glazing bead options, including a sloping contemporary or a grooved Ovolo bead that suits more traditional homes and compliment detail
  • Lead-lighting, Georgian bar and other glazing options are available to support design preferences
  • Interior reveal options available where needed to support internal feature preference
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Superior sound insulation

Thermalframe windows and double glazing have intrinsically high levels of sound insulation largely due to the superior seal design within the system. Advanced technology allows for the co-extrusion of the weather-seals, which are actually welded onto the frame and to each other in the corners to ensure maximum achievable noise elimination. These co-extruded double seals are not the normal 'push fit' seals currently supplied by other window fabricators, which allow external noise to penetrate the corners of frames. Thermalframe seals do not shrink, nor will they fall out over the years. 

In addition to the sealing arrangements of the window system, very high levels of sound insulation can be obtained due to the ability to incorporate wide sealed units within standard window designs. Advice is also available on further sound insulating with glazing options.  

Key features:

  • Co-extruded seal technology ensures complete air tightness
  • Ability to incorporate wide sealed window units and provide acoustic glass combinations
  • Multi-locking system pulls sash tight across full length of unit

Security features that keep your home safe

In 2014 alone, over 53,000 unlawful home break-in’s were recorded, meaning on average a New Zealand home is broken into every 9 minutes. 

As windows and doors are the primary entrance points, Thermalframe takes the issue of home security seriously and offers an enhanced locking system across the core product range as standard.  

All Thermalframe awning and casement windows incorporate stainless steel espagnolette multi-point locking devices. A tiered latching operation allows the window to be locked either completely, or left slightly ajar for ventilation, whilst still being fully secure. Our hinged doors are also fitted with a multi-point/dead bolt locking system as standard.  This ensures far superior security and maximum weather-proofing by locking the sash tightly over its entire length. 

Key features:

  • Stainless steel multi-point locking systems as standard on casement and awning windows, as well as hinged doors
  • Window units have shoots bolts into the outer frame across the entire unit, meaning Thermalframe windows remain robustly secure 
  • Additional key locking window handles are also a standard feature
  • Tiered latching operation allows windows to be left slightly ajar for ventilation whilst remaining fully secure
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Unrivalled weather performance

The Thermalframe PVCu powder blend is especially formulated for window and door profiles. It contains a high impact modifier to prevent brittleness at low temperatures, and is a lead-free stabiliser system. Titanium dioxide is added to the PVCu polymer as a UV inhibitor, important to combat New Zealand’s 100-130Kcal/cmÇ/yr of harmful UV.

Thermalframe is the ideal window solution in New Zealand’s coastal environment given the profile is impervious to fungi, insects, salt air and oxidation.

Key features:

  • Titanium dioxide added to the PVCu blend to resist severe New Zealand UV exposure
  • Non-conductive frame is impervious to salt, corrosion, and fungi
  • Colour-fast system never requires painting
  • Marine grade stainless steel is incorporated on most hardware as standard  

A highly durable, low maintenance system

Installing Thermalframe provides a truly low maintenance, durable, top quality window system can free up leisure time and make your home a drier, warmer and more comfortable place in which to live. No rotten or borer ridden timbers, no draughty air gaps, no sticking windows that don’t open, no peeling paint work that requires attention, no mopping up condensation on aluminium profile.

Thermalframe windows and doors maintain their good looks year in and year out and require just an occasional wipe down to keep it looking sparkling clean,and an occasional hardware lubrication to ensure long term function and performance. This enables more time for homeowners to relax in their home environment.

Your home, your well-being

We needed to be convinced that the product would suit the period of our house. Thermalframe delivered and no more rattling windows!

John, Woburn